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Fort Meigs

A Nationally Accredited Museum

The Campaign for Fort Meigs

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Fort Meigs is an AAM accredited museum.

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A Private - Public Partnership

In 1813, defending Fort Meigs required a carefully designed facility, state-of-the-art equipment and resources, and superior tactics. Today, it takes much the same to preserve the history of Fort Meigs and the stories of those who lived and died here, and to present them in a way that makes people yearn to know more. That is why we have launched The Campaign for Fort Meigs, an initiative to raise $1.5 million in private funds that will enable us to:

We need your help...

At Fort Meigs, we have been given an important charge: to preserve and present the past in a way that informs and enlightens, intrigues and enriches, and helps people understand their own place in history. We are committed to this task, but we need your help to carry it out. Your support of The Campaign for Fort Meigs will not only preserve the memory of those who came before us; it will also be an investment in the future of those yet to come.

For additional information about The Campaign for Fort Meigs please contact at (800) 283-8916.

We would also be happy to suggest ways to honor or memorialize a loved one, celebrate a milestone in your life, or commemorate the service and sacrifice of friends and family in the armed services through your gift.

* Admission Rates & Site Hours may vary for Special Events
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