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Muster on the Maumee

June 16 - 17, 2018

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General Information

  • All participants must be pre-registered and part of a unit to attend. Walk-ins will be turned away.
  • All participants should be prepared to take part in at least one scheduled activity each day of the event.
  • Wood and water are provided and indoor restrooms are on-site.
  • Straw is no longer provided but it is available less than 2 miles away at Luckey Farmers.
  • There is no ice on site. There are a number of gas stations within a several minute drive of the fort where ice can be purchased, however.
  • Re-enactor check-in opens at 12:00 noon on Friday, June 15. No one is permitted to begin set-up prior to this time, except sutlers.
  • Everyone age 16+ must check-in and sign the safety waiver at the registration area upon arrival.

Muster on the Maumee Additional Regulations

Please carefully read these regulations for Muster on the Maumee and convey them to your unit members. These are an addendum to the existing site rules to make the event safer and more enjoyable for all involved.

Everyone must sign a waiver acknowledging they have read these regulations and agree to abide by them in order to participate in Muster on the Maumee.

  1. Battle of the Ages - The Battle of the Ages will be held outside of the fort on the flood plain. There will be no fighting inside the fort proper.
  2. Military Vehicles - All self-propelled military vehicles must be approved in advance by the event organizers. All vehicles should be displayed at the Military Vehicle Showcase behind the Visitor Center during public hours. Vehicles inside the fort must be stationary throughout the event. (Driving the vehicle into the fort Friday afternoon and driving the vehicle out of the fort on Sunday are permissible).
  3. Campfires - Dug and on-ground campfires are only allowed in the ditches in front of the traverse, by state order. Fires contained in braziers, removable fire boxes or on steel plates can be placed away from the traverses.
  4. Quiet Hours - Quiet hours start at 9:00 p.m. No weapons firing can take place after this time.
  5. No Unscripted Battles - No unscripted battles will take place during operating hours (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.). All skirmishes using firing weapons (muskets, rifles, bows, etc) must be approved in advance and must be fought within the designated demonstration area. No impromptu skirmishes are allowed inside of the fort.
  6. South Gates - The south gate (double gates) will be locked during operating hours. (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.) Anyone who needs to access their modern vehicles will have to use the west gate to enter or leave the fort. Please plan accordingly.
  7. Vehicles - All modern vehicles must be out of the fort and parked in the designated re-enactor parking lot by 8:30 a.m. Re-enactor parking is on the grass. The paved parking lots are for public. Please also consider refraining from driving your vehicle into the fort on Saturday night. It ruins the authenticity for others.

WWII Military Vehicle Showcase

New this year, register your WWII vehicle for a Military Vehicle Showcase at Muster on the Maumee. Vehicles will be on static display along the walking path behind the Visitor Center throughout the weekend. Include your vehicle information in the "Notes" section of your registration form below.


The Fort Meigs volunteer association will again run "the USO" during Muster on the Maumee where sandwiches, chips, drinks, ice cream, and more can be purchased during public hours.

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